All prices listed are subject to change without prior notice,and will be binding only upon acceptance of a purchase order by Nine-One-One Communication Supply Inc.

** The website stock availability may not always reflect the actual quantity available in the warehouse and therefore some parts may be subject to delay **

While we make every endeavour to have stock of all products in our warehouse at all times, occasions will arise when non-stock products must be ordered from our suppliers. These may incur additional freight costs to the prices shown on our website. Please confirm availability and any additional freight charges at the time of ordering. Should you find it necessary to return any product to us under warranty, our warranty policy is detailed below:

  • Nine-One-One Communication Supply will guarantee to repair or replace - at its sole discretion - any new or refurbished item purchased from us, that is found to be defective within one year of the date of purchase, when subjected to normal use. Normal use excludes damage caused by lightning, static electricity, fire, liquid, abuse, or improper handling or installation.
  • Nine-One-One Communication Supply will guarantee to repair or replace - at its sole discretion - any item repaired by them, for which the original repair is found to be deficient, within ninety days of that repair.
  • The customer is responsible for sending the warranty claim equipment to us prepaid. If the equipment is found to be defective, Nine-One-One will ship it back to you prepaid, at our expense.
  • The item must bear our stickers - if they have been removed or tampered with, the warranty on that item is void.
  • If no fault is found, it will be returned to you freight collect but will also be subject to a minimum diagnostic charge of $25.00.
  • The diagnostic charge will vary depending on the item.



  1. Complete the Return Materials Authorization (RMA) form
  2. Email or fax (403-253-3471) the form to us.
  3. An RMA number will be issued to you which must be entered on the RMA form.
  4. Ship the equipment to us (freight prepaid) with the completed RMA form.



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